Jimmy Jaguar Travel

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
Live the adventure of your life deep in the jungle


Traveling in Remote Areas in Primitive Ways, While Using Traditional native costumes


Duration: 10 Days and 9 Nights
Up to 3 weeks or more.
Transport from airport provided, followed by dinner and discussion of your program.

On this trip, we will travel deep into the jungle in our boat. Once we reach the pristine jungle, we will then find an area impossible for our boat to pass. We will then use a dugout canoe or another form of transportation to go deeper yet.

Once we have travelled a considerable distance further in, we will then start building traps, bows and arrows, blowguns and shelters, all while using the traditional ways practiced by Natives for ages. We will also learn ways of hunting to secure our food using these weapons as well.

We will also be using natural paints and resins to protect from mosquitoes and insects. We will neutralize our body of human scent, so that we will be able to locate and spot the animals and other large species in the deep jungle without being seen, felt or smelt.

This is a very unique and original program that mixes survival skills, hands on education in the authentic practices and customs used in the Amazon Basin and plenty of adventure.

NOTE: Please contact us well before arriving in Iquitos to ask about or discuss any specific tribal cultures, geographic areas, techniques, etc. that you have interest in exploring.

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  • Airport pickup
  • All transportation
  • All fees and taxes
  • All accommodations
  • All meals (vegetarian meals available upon request)
  • Free and unlimited drinking water
  • A full-time bilingual guide


Minimum 2 pax
(Price negotiable)

$100 USD per day/person

 Office address: Yarapa River - Puerto Miguel - Iquitos - Peru
Phone: +51 916 976 847
 Email: info@jimmyjaguartravel.com

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