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Iquitos - Loreto - Peru


Iquitos - Maynas Capital
The city of Iquitos in the northern jungle, to the east. It is the capital of the Loreto Region, with nearly 30% of the country is the largest and most northerly of Peru. The city lies on the banks of a secondary arm of the Amazon River, opposite a large permanent white called Padre Island, wooded and almost twenty kilometers long. The city is surrounded by a number of smaller rivers and canals.

Near the confluence of the great Napo River is the Amazon. In this river world, communications depend as much or more than the navigation of land transport, virtually nonexistent outside the city of Iquitos.

In Iquitos there is a zoo recently opened and some buildings of interest, the product of the rubber boom of the last century, as the old houses of mosaics front of malecon iquitos's boulevard, and the first manufactured home of America: the Iron House, designed and built by Gustave Eiffel and brought from Europe by parts (nuts and bolts included) and assembled in the place where it is located in the city center.


from lima to iquitos is 1:45 minutos by plaine by road to get here iquitos from lima to pucallpa 22 hours from pucallpa to get iquitos by boat 3 days.
from the airport to my office 40 minutes my address is: av. diego de almagro 555 distrito de punchana.


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