Jimmy Jaguar Travel

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
Live the adventure of your life deep in the jungle


Extreme Survival Training


Duration: 12 Days and 11 Nights
Up to 3 weeks or more.
Transport from airport provided, followed by dinner and discussion of your program.
Veried little provisional food will be provided. We will be securing most food and water via the jungle and river.

DAY 1:
We depart by boat to the selected area.

DAY 2:
We begin the theoretical training and teaching.

DAY 3:
We develop upon all the teaching and training in the field.

DAY 11:
We conclude the teaching and training in the field.

DAY 12:
We return to Iquitos.

Themes Taught

  • How to survey the jungle and your surroundings
  • Main methods and techniques of survival
  • Methods and techniques for navigation
  • Finding direction
  • Finding and preparing food
  • Finding water
  • Learning to identify toxic and nontoxic fruits and plants
  • Building shelters and refuges
  • Making fire with jungle items
  • Learning how to make all types of traps and snares
  • Learning ways and sources of communication
  • Searching for and finding assistance
  • Making weapons and gear to help other survivors
  • How to assist injured people
  • Behavior, attitude and respectful ways of interacting with local and native people
  • The golden rules of a survivor

Amazon adventure Amazon adventure Amazon adventure Amazon adventure


  • Airport pickup
  • All transportation
  • All fees and taxes
  • All accommodations
  • All meals (vegetarian meals available upon request)
  • Free and unlimited drinking water
  • A full-time bilingual guide


Minimum 2 pax
(Price negotiable)

$100 USD per person.
TOTAL: $1200 USD

 Office address: Yarapa River - Puerto Miguel - Iquitos - Peru
Phone: +51 916 976 847
 Email: info@jimmyjaguartravel.com

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