Jimmy Jaguar Travel

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
Live the adventure of your life deep in the jungle


About Us

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
unsurpassed reputation as one of Iquitos' best tour operators is due in great part to the more than 20 years experience and dedication possessed by the company's founder JIMMY DIAZ .
A global clientele, as well as many locals, know, trust and have recommended his company's services. Offering a wide variety of expeditions and extremely knowledgeable guides specifically focused in areas such as survival training, ornithology, entomology, fishing; ayahuasca, shamanism, medicinal plants, treatments and botany; techniques for catching anacondas, poisonous snakes, tarantulas and scorpions, etc.,

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
is one of the most flexible and accommodating tour operators in Iquitos and is highly recommended specifically for such specialized and customized tours. Whether you want 4 nights on a boat or in a lodge, or 4 weeks deep in the pristine

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
There is truly no limit to the possibilities. You can swing on a hammock after dinner at a table on your own private boat, while floating on one of the many tributaries or paddle down one of those tributaries on your own hand-made raft after eating the jungle meat that you secured and prepared earlier that morning. ​

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
takes great pride in the fact that they can take people into areas of the deep jungle that no other tour operators are willing to go. They also maintain very healthy and respectful relationships with native people and tribes throughout the Amazon Basin who are rarely visited by outsiders. Preservation and conservation are sincere concerns for ​

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
and the common survivalist slogan of "Learn to Return" is always followed by "Leave Nothing Behind". They are a truly Green tour operator. With an intense focus on quality service and customer satisfaction, you'll be sure to experience a part of life that you will wish everyone you know could. And they can, just contact ​

Jimmy Jaguar Travel
in Iquitos for any expedition within the Amazon Basin ( Peru) or for any other guide services throughout all of this rich country of Peru.

Our Team




He is a retired from the Army of Peru.
Now trainer about extreme survival and safaris expeditions,adventure and excursion deep in the jungle.


He is a native local guide with many knowledge about the jungle.

 Office address: Yarapa River - Puerto Miguel - Iquitos - Peru
Phone: +51 916 976 847
 Email: info@jimmyjaguartravel.com

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