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Jimmy Jaguar Travel
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Duration: 2 Weeks to 3 Months
Transport from airport provided, followed by dinner and discussion of your program.

Shamanic study for periods of more than 2 weeks is often dependent upon the Shaman, as he or she considers your specific needs, preferences and interests of study. Also accommodations vary geographically as do our good Shamans and Healers. Your expectations, needs, or interests will be discussed with the Shaman so that we can come to an understanding as to if, where and how your study or sabbatical with the Shaman may unfold.

By either living with their family or staying in a secluded shelter or being nomadic, you will have direct access to some of the most unique knowledge and practices found within the Amazon Basin. Our good Shamans and Healers understand the importance of sharing this disappearing knowledge with those who are sincerely interested and willing to listen and learn.

Initially, a Green Wild Amazon Expedition guide will be with you for about 2-4 days, before leaving you alone with the Shaman. We will enjoy a well-prepared meal for everyone the night before the guide departs for Iquitos, as well as the night before we provide your return transportation to Iquitos after the completion of your studies.

This is a very special program that we offer. All serious and interested passengers or groups for this program are strongly encouraged to contact us before-hand to ask questions and express any concerns relevant to your expectations, needs and interests.

Amazon adventure Amazon adventure Amazon adventure Amazon adventure


  • Airport pickup
  • All transportation
  • All fees and taxes
  • All accommodations
  • All meals (vegetarian meals available upon request)
  • Free and unlimited drinking water
  • A full-time bilingual guide


Minimum 2 pax
(Price negotiable)

$100 USD per day/person

 Office address: Yarapa River - Puerto Miguel - Iquitos - Peru
Phone: +51 916 976 847
 Email: info@jimmyjaguartravel.com

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